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4 Percent Group

Our Mission is Simple

We want to give anybody the ability to succeed in their daily lives. We are dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through our network, training, products, support, and opportunities with the honest and authentic message of hope and freedom.

We believe there is no finish line in business or life, we never stop moving or improving no matter what superior level we are at.

We create precise, accurate, easy, and entertaining ways to give individuals a pathway to self-confidence and performance excellence. This contributes to the unique ability for people to reach the ultimate performance and quality level of their life.

These products came from the unique opportunities and priceless values created
from: 1,000’s of hours and 1,000,000’s of dollars spent in 100’s of organizations.

This provides you with a tremendous accumulation of systems, processes, technology, tools, and techniques.

This has been gained from extensive benchmarking, in-depth experience under fire, focused knowledge, and advanced Ph.D. lead research from universities, research centers and corporations.

The Only Thing Missing is YOU !